What they have to say about us

Michael Patton of River Media:

What were the circumstances that brought you to us?

We had gone through several freelance IT consultants in a short period of time and we needed a reliable service as in our industry we are heavily reliant on IT. 

Which product/service did Cosgrove IT provide your business?

We use Cosgrove IT for the maintenance and repair of 80+ PCs/MACs, printers etc. and our servers. 

What benefits did you get from working with us?

We get a reliable service resulting in a fast response time and so our machines are not down for longer than necessary. 

Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?

Yes,the fault logging facility is very efficient. It keeps a track of any outstanding repairs or assistance required, by a unique no. It is a very user friendly service which let's you choose the importance level and the relevant machine no (which was Referenced by Cosgrove IT) 

In the time we have been with Cosgrove IT we have found them very professional and easy to work with. With any problems we encounter we are sure of a rapid and efficient service(sometimes out of hours) which is indispensable to us.