What they have to say about us

Maire Stuttard of St. Macartan's:

What were the circumstances that brought you to us?

Simon and Christopher are both past pupils of our school. They were excellent students so when the Cosgrove IT business was established we chose to use their services. 

Which product/service did Cosgrove IT provide your business?

The establishment of the Cosgrove IT business also coincided with the need in our school to upgrade/renew our computers and laptops.We found their prices competitive. At that time we had also decided to install interactive white boards so Cosgrove IT assisted in upgrading our internal network system and installed our school server.We have an annual contract with them to oversee the smooth running of our system.We have been happy to renew that contract this year. Also currently Cosgrove IT design and help maintain our new school website.

What benefits did you get from working with us?

They provide advice, training and upskilling. Response time is prompt.They take the time to explain everything to you which has been of great benefit in the development of my own computer skills.  

Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?

Without hesitation.Their equipment is of high quality. Cosgrove IT are always available and very supportive whenever problems arise. They provide a very friendly, courteous and efficient service.

They provided us with a very effective internal website for sharing material among staff. I would like to congratulate Cosgrove IT on their work and wish them continued success in this most difficult of business climates.