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Managed Service Provider

Cosgrove IT, through our numerous partners and expertise offer an efficent form of managed service support. By utilising the latest in cloud technologies and partners such as Microsoft and Dell, Cosgrove IT offer a unique form of complete IT solutions which services clients from small to medium businesses as well as enterprise clients also. Our Service Level Agreements offer a subscription style service which provides remote support and help for our clients as well as specific support for our optional bundled services like SafeSync or Office365.

To conduct our Managed Services, Cosgrove IT first examine the current IT Infrastructure of an organisation/business and then observe how we can utilise the current systems along with our efficient solutions to provide a more efficient and cost-effective IT system which can be monitored closely and provide a more resourceful form of conducting business. When we have examined the current IT Infrastructure and studied how we can improve the system we then sit down with our client and discuss the various solutions available to them and give them an expert opinion on which services they should use in order to create a more efficient IT system and how we can help to manage and support their systems to guarantee they get the most out of the services they wish to deploy.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services

Unique form of IT management based on your company's needs

Access to our official Client Support Desk & Portal

Subscription style service offering cost-effective solution to ensuring constant IT support

Management of IT systems along with other optional services

Varied ranges of cover to provide exclusive support options to our clients

Option to bundle various services together such as SafeSync or Office365 to allow universal management and support

Ensure IT systems are monitored and kept up to date

Options to utilise our partner connections to provide unique forms of services/products for your business

Gain advice and expertise on how to run your IT systems more efficiently


For more information on our Service Level Agreements or Managed IT Services please do not hestiate to contact Cosgrove IT directly.