Cosgrove IT's Partners


Leaders in the IT Industry, Microsoft have always provided a unique and exceptional standard of service and quality of product. Microsoft provide a wide range of opportunities to its partners which is then passed on to their clients creating a special form of business.
Trend Micro
Award winning company with a diverse range of services including Anti-Virus and Synchronisation, Trend Micro provides the perfect companion to many businesses and provides a unique range of services and support which adds to the quality of it's products.
Known for their quality and brand, Dell offer a great array of products for both consumer and business markets. With efficient and cost effective products it is easy to see how Dell has placed itself as top of the PC manufacturing industry.
A rising popular IT partner service which was founded in 2006 with the aim of breaking the mould when it comes to IT management technology. CentraStage and its partners provide a structured, cost effective and efficient approach to IT management.
The well known Anti-Virus AVG has provided countless years of support to consumers and businesses alike. Along with award winning Anti-Virus, AVG provide a wide range of services to accompany their suites making them the all round solution for PC protection.