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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

Cosgrove IT, partnered with Trend Micro offer various forms of high class business security for small, medium businesses and enterprise. Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Security has been rated #1 in Security for Small Businesses.Cosgrove IT's Worry Free Security service gives businesses a very efficient form of Anti-Virus protection and prevention. There are various forms of Trend Micro Anti-Virus on offer to our business and consumer clients and there is a wide range of benefits to choosing our Worry Free options of security.

Key Benefits


Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to identify and block new and emerging threats before they impact your business

Most updates are stored either on the local server, not on your computers to deliver protection without affecting performance or speed

Virus scans run quietly and quickly in the background so your computers are unaffected


Stops viruses, spyware, spam, phishing attacks, and other web threats before they can reach your business machines

Data loss prevention stops private business information from being shared via USB drives and other attached storage devices as well as in email messages

Multi-layer antispam for Advanced; POP3 antispam for Standard and Services

URL filtering prevents employees from visiting inappropriate and infected websites and downloading threats


Specifically designed for easy business use and integration even with limited resources

Can be managed by your IT partner providing a completely worry free approach to keeping your work machines safe and secure


Our Trend Micro Anti-Virus can be bundled together with our other services such as SafeSync or Managed Service Level Agreements to provide a complete IT solution to your businesses needs and provide a complete form of managing the entire IT Infrastructure of a business or enterprise without having to worry about various providers or where to turn to for support. Cosgrove IT offers a uniquely tailored Anti-Virus solution based solely on the specific needs and level of cover needed for businesses ensuring that you only pay for what you need and keep what is most important protected and supported.